Business Technology Solutions:
Custom-Built for Peak Performance.


Your business depends on technology for so many things: internal and external communications, e-commerce, online marketing and more. At ISCG, we partner with you to ensure that your network infrastructure delivers maximum operational efficiency.

ISCG custom-builds solutions to meet your specific needs, and we will work with you throughout the process to design and maintain a network infrastructure that helps you grow your business.

Internet Connectivity

High-Speed Solutions for Business.

ISCG can install, configure and service the high-speed Internet connectivity solution that’s right for you. We work with you to determine which connectivity option delivers the fastest, most reliable and most secure Internet connectivity available for your business.

With a variety of domain and Internet email solutions—both ISP-hosted and local-hosted—we can meet your particular email requirements. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that our ever-expanding complement of firewall, proxy and anti-virus server solutions will keep your networks safe.


Desktop and Server Support

Web, Application, Mail and Database Solutions for Your Business.

Get professional, 24/7 service with desktop and server support from ISCG. We deliver web, application, mail and database solutions for businesses around the world—from small companies to Fortune 500 institutions—and we can provide the same comprehensive, scalable solutions for you.
We specialize in the configuration and maintenance of the following:

  • Operating Systems: AIX, Linux, HP-UX, MPE-IX, Windows, Apple and Solaris
  • Web Servers: Websphere, IIS, .Net and Apache
  • Database Servers: Oracle, SQL, MySQL and DB2
  • Email Servers: Microsoft Exchange, iMail, Office365 and other SMTP-based email servers for local and Internet email
  • Remote Application Access: Citrix Winframe, Microsoft Terminal Server, CA ControlIT and Symantec pcAnywhere remote control solutions

Network Design

The Right Network for Where You Are. The Right Network for Where You’re Going.

Custom LAN and WAN Network Design Solutions from ISCG.
No matter where you are in your network design planning, ISCG ensures that your business networking needs are met—now and in the future.

We can assist with designing and implementing the physical architecture of your Local Area Network (LAN), giving you a fast, secure network that gives you the power to truly grow.

Developing a LAN for your business is a process that begins with a step-by-step assessment of your current and future business requirements. We ask what your present and future applications are. We ask what your network capacity and network traffic volume are and how you expect them to grow. We also discuss your Quality of Service (QoS) and support requirements as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In addition, ISCG can work with you to design and implement Wide Area Networks (WAN) that range from two locations to numerous sites across the country—or even the world. We help you determine if a dedicated line is required (Point-to-point, Frame Relay) or if a VPN-based solution might be a better methodology. Through all of the equipment decisions that make the development of the WAN a reality—which routers, firewalls, VPN hardware, load-balancers and switches are required—ISCG is right there with you.

In doing so, ISCG is working to build more than a network—we’re developing a partnership that is there throughout the growth of your business.

Network Security

Protect Your Investment with ISCG Solutions.

In order to protect you from unauthorized attacks originating on the Internet, ISCG utilizes the latest security products from Checkpoint, Cisco, Sophos and other partners on a variety of platforms including Solaris, AIX, Windows and Linux to safeguard their networks. ISCG helps you analyze, implement and maintain a fully protected, secure environment. We review all facets of every client’s goals including, LAN design, security requirements, number of sub-networks (DMZ, etc.) and inclusion of additional security products to further enhance the firewall’s capability (SecureID, VPN Devices, Mail Relay Hosts).

Virtual Private Networks

Your Business, Wherever You Are, with VPN from ISCG.

Give your employees the ability to securely, quickly and inexpensively access the data that resides on your internal network—no matter where they’re working from. ISCG can work with you to implement the most secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions available, including complicated multi-site VPN solutions, strategic implementation of VPNs to administer Production Website Infrastructures and simple client-to-site VPN configurations. ISCG works with Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft, Sophos and others, and we use authentication products such as SecureID, to provide the most secure VPN solutions available.

Network Monitoring

Worldwide Protection Every Minute of the Day with ISCG.

ISCG uses a third-party application with monitoring capabilities across four continents. That’s a global level of confidence. We can also perform a thorough test of your website, server or application as often as every minute, so you get insight into performance and availability that is simply not available with “in-house” monitoring tools. Timely notifications ensure that you are the first to know when there’s a problem, and advanced reporting tools provide the information that you need to optimize your site’s performance.
With ISGC network monitoring and reporting services, you can:

  • Minimize network downtime
  • Provide early network fault identification, which facilitates timely rectification
  • Provide vital information and documentation for enforcing decisions on upgrading or downgrading communications links or expanding any network infrastructure
  • Identify business activity trends
  • Ensure that outsourced or internal service delivery is meeting contracted service levels
  • Provide both management and technical resources with a better understanding of their network infrastructure
  • Allow network engineers to be proactive in their approach to maintaining the network infrastructure rather than reactive
  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and other regulatory standards


Infrastructure Design

Taking Your Infrastructure System from Concept to Reality.

Once the development of the network/system architecture is in place, ISCG can begin the process of designing an infrastructure that’s right for your business. In this design process, we translate a conceptual architecture into a deployable solution and specify the hardware and software requirements you’ll need. We’ll work with you to find the ideal products and vendors, service offerings and service providers.


Consulting & IT/IS Support

An ISCG Technology Assessment Saves You Money. Here’s How.

An ISCG Technology Assessment gives you the power to maximize your network’s potential and best utilize your IT-targeted resources. We work with you to make sure you’re addressing the most critical issues in your organization, and in the process we help you create standards that can save you labor, support and training costs over time.

  1. We interview key people in your organization. We find out what you do and where you’re going, what problems you’re experiencing and what opportunities exist. Then we look at your existing systems and users to determine the right course of action for your business.
  2. We analyze each component of your network, including network performance factors such as bottlenecks, expansion capabilities, redundancy and security. By evaluating your current and desired topographies, infrastructure, applications and bandwidth requirements, we can turn your needs analysis into a detailed design.
  3. We make recommendations based on our findings. Depending on your needs, the design we recommend can vary from specific deliverables to a “technology vision document” that outlines key initiatives for the future.